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Privacy Statement

GMP+ International respects the privacy of the users of this website and its customers. GMP+ International adheres to the statutory rules established to protect everyone's privacy and that are included in the Dutch Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens, Wbp).

With this statement we want to explain to you why we gather information, how we have governed and secured our affairs, what rights you have and how you can reach us.

Personal information at GMP+ International

To be able to perform its tasks, GMP+ International gathers a lot of information. This information often also covers personal information that is frequently processed. The Wbp requires us to be careful in doing so.

Click behavior

On the websites of GMP+ International, visitor information is tracked, such as the most frequently accessed pages. You cannot be identified using this information. The purpose of this is to optimize the configuration of the website and to put more specific information on the website to further optimize the services provided.


In rendering its services, GMP+ International uses cookies. A cookie is a simple small file that is placed on the hard drive of the visiting computer. With the help of the cookie, our website is able to detect your return. Cookies allow you to benefit from the advantages of your personal settings, such as your language selection. This allows you use our website more efficiently. GMP+ International uses temporary cookies. These cookies do not contain personal information and are only used to make the use of the website more convenient. You can adjust your browser as such that you no longer accept cookies. However, in that case we can no longer guarantee the correct operation of this website and its services.

Third party websites

This Privacy Statement does not apply to third party websites that are connected to this website via links.